Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tucson Games Wrap Up

Blugold Fans,

Our spring trip didn't end exactly the way we wanted - we lost both games on our final day - but we were challenged, and we definitely needed that. Unfortunately, we did not respond to the challenges the way I hoped we would. We lost to an always scrappy, feisty, Central team 4-6, and then lost a slugfest to Denison 10-11. I wouldn't have thought we would lose a game when we scored 10 runs, but our defense really let us down in that game.

After having a couple days to reflect on our final day and our trip overall, I'm encouraged by the things we did and what I saw in our team. To panic at this point (after 2 losses on the final day)would be senseless - I think we have a good team - we just have to put things together and continue improving.

I think our team grew together over the course of our week. I witnessed a lot of laughter, jokes, games being played - very intensely and competitively, I might add - and just good times that our team had together. Those types of things are just as important as the games at this time of year.

I'm afraid the weather forecast doesn't look favorable this week in Eau Claire. Even though the temperatures don't look bad, the rainy forecast isn't encouraging. Nonetheless, we'll go outside if at all possible and practice on the turf at Carson Park. We have some specific things we need to work on this week before we head to St. Louis for games at Washington University on Saturday and Sunday. We'll work on those things this week, rain or shine, and get ourselves ready to play. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to get our 4 games in down there.

I'll continue to keep the blog updated and remind Kidnie and Kristi that they need to update their blog on the NCAA website too - I'm sure they'll have some much more entertaining news for all the Blugold Fastpitch followers.

As always, remember to run 60 feet and turn left........

Coach Huntington

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  1. While the Tucson trip may not have ended as planned, the challenges faced have surely strengthened the team. Coach Huntington's optimism is contagious! Looking forward to the upcoming games. Go Blugolds
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