Monday, March 16, 2009

Tucson Games – Day 3

Good Evening Blugold Fans!

We're halfway done with our spring trip, and currently sit at 5-1. We were able to win two more games today. Game one vs. Wesleyan (CT) ended with a 5-2 score, and game two vs. Lakeland ended at 5-1.

I like the progress I'm seeing in our team. We have a lot of players making contributions and we are finding that balanced offensive lineup that I had hoped for. We have a combination of speed and power that I'm very happy with at this point. I think we're getting better as the week is going along. I am also pleased with the energy we continue to have.

Although I feel that our entire team is contributing this week, I want to feature Aleisha Harper tonight. Aleisha is playing 2B and 3B for us and has been somewhat of a surprise. I knew she was talented in high school, but I didn't expect her to adjust to the college game as well as she has as quickly as she has. She has made an immediate impact and is gaining a lot of confidence this week. Aleisha is from Eau Claire North High School and I'm REALLY happy that she is now wearing a Blugold uniform. I'll try to feature a different player in future posts so you can get some more insight into our team.

We've been able to use all of our pitchers up to this point as well, and although we have plenty of room for improvement in the circle, we are getting the job done right now. We will continue to work hard - we need to cut down on the walks and the runs that we're giving up, but fortunately our offense has helped out our pitchers.

After the games today, we came back to the hotel and the players got to enjoy a little downtime by the pool, and we shared a lot of good laughs while we relaxed. We are off tomorrow, so we're going to have a chance to get some much-needed rest. It's great being outside in the sun and warmth, but it does take a lot out of us, so this chance to catch our breath and recharge is coming at a great time.

Before I sign off, I just want to shout out to Dave Ross, who wanted to make sure that I got a hard time for not posting more regularly! Dave, I'm so tired that I can hardly read the screen I'm typing on, but I don't want to let you down! :)

Also want to thank the Blugold alumnae who read the posts - know that I will make every effort to post regularly so I can keep you up to date! And please get your RSVP to Robin ASAP so you can be a VIP the first weekend in April! LOL!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.......

Thanks for reading.......keep 'em high and tight!

Coach Huntington

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