Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nice Week

Hello Blugold Faithful,

Well, it's been a nasty bite of reality since we returned from Tucson - haven't been able to practice outside since we've been back - but we're going out today, even though it's not supposed to hit 40, we just need to get outside to work on some defense today. So it will be short and sweet, focused on defense.

We head out for St. Louis tomorrow afternoon for a TOUGH weekend of games. We are ready for it and we need it. I think the team understands what happened in our downfall in our final 2 games in Tucson, and they are prepared to overcome those things. We will be challenged this weekend in all 4 games - so we need to be prepared to "bring it." This is a great opportunity for us leading up to our conference opener next week on Thursday vs. UWRF.

Next week's weather is not looking real good, but it can change so fast that I'm not getting too excited at this point. All I really want is for April 4th to happen. I'll deal with the rest of it......but I don't want to let down the many alumnae - both players and parents - who are planning to return to Eau Claire for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. I know I can't control the weather, so it is what it is, but I would give anything for a decent day. On the other hand, if you've been involved in softball in Wisconsin at all in your life, you understand the way the weather works, and you all will be just as appreciative if the weather cooperates! :)

For those of you who read this and live outside the Eau Claire area, (or if you don't have Charter cable) I am going to attempt to insert the video of a commercial that is currently running on Charter, a corporate partner. They have worked extremely hard to get things organized to help us run a first class event next weekend, and they even did a commercial to help promote it. Some of the players on the team have commented that they've either had the TV or the radio on and suddenly are haunted by my voice, only to realize that it's a commercial. Then by the time they realize what's going on, they haven't had a chance to see or listen to the entire thing. :) It's been quite amusing to listen to them describe the experience of hearing my voice out of nowhere in their dorm room or their house!

We can use all your energy right now to bring on some decent weather! Thanks!

Have a great day, and keep turning left - eventually it will get you HOME! :)

Coach Huntington

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