Friday, March 27, 2009

Hurry up and wait!

The official "Hurry up and Wait" season has begun. It seems like that is the theme once we're back from our spring trip - we "hurry up" to get prepared to play the games that were originally on our schedule, and then we "wait" to actually play because the weather causes delays. You'd think one year after another of this would be enough to drive any softball coach way the heck out of Wisconsin, but yet I stay.......I guess I'm pretty happy here.....after all - the summers are amazing, unlike the Iowa summers when there was a severe storm every day that made me feel every day that my life was at risk. AND THE HUMIDITY!!!! LOL!!!! I do enjoy the summers here much more than Iowa - I rarely have to use my central air conditioning during the summer, and I absolutely LOVE to have the windows open in my house, so I guess the LONG winters are a compromise.......however, I DO plan to "winter" in the south when I retire, but that means a LOT of winter between now and then. Oh well......

I'm a bit tired - ok REALLY tired - tonight - just in case you thought the rambling in the paragraph above was normal......but I wanted to write a quick post about the games we have coming up on Sunday. Our trip to St. Louis was canceled when the major threat of rain/snow/sleet/slush, etc. factored in. We had to make the decision that the money we would spend and time on the road just wasn't worth it to MAYBE play a game. So once we made the decision to stay home, I got busy trying to figure out how we could make the weekend really worthwhile. I sent a text message to my buddy, Steve Wammer, the head coach and AD at Northland College in Ashland, WI, to see if, by chance, he might need to get another game on his schedule. Much to my amazement, he was in need of a game, so I told him we were working on getting things lined up to play on Sunday. In the meantime, Robin (my asst. coach) called Jen Walter at St. Scholastica to ask her the same question. At first she said no - she had just given her players the weekend off and many of them were headed home. But she called back and said that she could round them up and come down to play. We are ECSTATIC!!!! We ALL need to play games, and we'll play on Sunday either at our practice field at the Bollinger Complex at the corner of Stein and MacArthur, or on the turf at Carson Park. The only reason we would play on the turf is if the frost rears its ugly head in the next 24 hours and the field gets sloppy......but after 2 trips out to the field today, our chances look pretty good.

So game times for Sunday are 12:00, 2:00, and 4:00. We will play Northland at noon, then a doubleheader vs. St. Scholastica. The players are pretty excited to play, as three of them sent me text messages full of affection today when I told them that we would possibly be playing this weekend. :)

So with that, we'll see you at the diamond!

Coach Huntington

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