Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tucson Games – Day 2

Greetings Faithful Blugold Fans!

Tonight I write with excitement as we won two games today! We were challenged, as we spotted our opponents early runs in both games, but our offense was amazing today. Every single Blugold player saw the field today in one role or another.

Game one started out a little rough, as walks plagued us early. We got down, but we were never out as our offense was alive throughout and we were able to outscore Edgewood 5-3. We got down very early against Marian as well. The Marian hitters jumped on our pitching and attacked early in the count. I don't think we pitched poorly, their hitters just did a very good job. We were down 6-0 before we came back with a 7-run inning of our own, which was sparked by one of our freshmen, Jenny Janke, who played 1st base in that game. We ended up winning the game 11-6. Our young players came through big in the second game.

Today was much better for our team from an intensity and energy standpoint. We came with enthusiasm from the first pitch, and I think our players saw what that can do for us. Despite getting down early in each game, our energy carried us until we were able to break through with some runs of our own.

I am proud of how our players are responding, also, to the frequent changes in our lineup. Everyone seems to be understanding what we're trying to do early in the season and they are supporting each other very well. We have the makings of another very cohesive team, and I like what I see.

Two more tomorrow before we have an off day - we'll play Wesleyan (CT) in a 9 a.m. (AZ time) game, then Lakeland, another in-region opponent, at 11 a.m. (AZ time). We're hoping to have the opportunity to go watch the University of Arizona practice tomorrow afternoon before having about 48 hours off to get some much-needed rest and rehydration. Several of our players have plans for Tuesday with their families - headed off to who-knows-where for some sightseeing, and, if I know this team, I'm sure some shopping will be involved.

Thanks for reading.......

Coach Huntington

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