Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Food For Thought

Hello All,
I have finally made it to the blog (well overdue, I know).  I will admit that Coach gave me some motivation to sign on to read over Em’s post from last week about David.  When we hear stories like David’s or when we experience the pain through someone else as they suffer a loss of somebody near and dear to their heart, I believe it is a wakeup call for most, if not all.  I have found, however, that as I have heard these stories growing up, it is easy to let them affect you for just the time being—not long term.  Just over the past two years, have I finally begun to remember others’ unfortunate stories each and every day that I am here.   Sadly, I used to carry the attitude that my loved ones, and most importantly my family, would be here day in and day out.  I realize today, and every day, how truly lucky I am to lie in bed each night and be able to thank God for allowing my loved ones to remain in my life for one more whole day.
This brings me to a status I came across on Facebook posted by the one and only, Karen Hansen.  I’m sure some of you chuckle or sigh at the fact that I mentioned Facebook, but I am a huge quote person, and I definitely hit the “like” button for her status!  This status read: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  This status can obviously be interpreted in many different ways; it reminded me of several different things.
One of the things that it reminded me of was the people in my life.  I am the person I am and I cannot change whether or not I am accepted for that.  Another one of my favorite quotes to go along with this idea states that “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”  There are other things about life in general that this status can pertain to, but I will jump to explain what it means to me in terms of softball.
While Em has already made this point, allowing ourselves to get flustered because of a weather delay or the wrong kind of sandwich is simply silly.  It may not be the most ideal situation, but there could be much worse situations that we could be presented with.  We cannot control the weather, but we can control our attitude about it.  As long as we have tried out hardest, we cannot control if we get thrown out on a steal or strike out at the plate.  Even though frustration is an acceptable emotion in this situation, we can control if we choose to instead move on and learn from our mistakes.  These are only two of many examples related to softball.  I am plenty guilty of complaining or making comments about little and uncontrollable things, which is why I think it was important to come across a status like Karen’s.  Not to mention, I can’t begin to count how many times my parents have told me to “Control the controllables” (another good reminder).
A couple of weeks ago Jess and Sam presented their leadership lesson.  They closed with the challenge for each of us to fulfill a promise we made.  I have not yet done that, but I am now committing and promising to myself to not complain about the little and unimportant things in life.  What is your promise?  On this note, I will end with the understanding that my post may have been a bit intense, if you will, for some.  However, I think it is good for us all to hear once and a while.
I have a feeling tomorrow we are going to need a broom after we SWEEP River Falls!  See y’all then!

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