Friday, April 22, 2011

Proving Theories...

And we're back!

With the 199th and 200th shut outs in school history, we're back to 21 wins!!! And more importantly, there aren't 21 losses on the other side of the tally to go with them :)

The double header against St. Mary's was, for lack of a more sophisticated word, FUN! We played two mercy rule games where we saw our bats get hot and our confidence build right before the home stretch of the race for conference champions. Coach also introduced what I'm now calling : The Bubblegum Theory

What is the Bubblegum Theory?'s actually pretty simple, but very logical. If you know anything about UWEC softball, you know that food is very, I mean VERY important to our daily functioning. We go through Noni chews like nobody's business and we literally eat Swedish Fish and Red Vines (even though Twizzlers are WAYYYY better) by the bag full! Inbetween games...we scrounge down muffin after muffin, string cheese after string cheese and pray that we can keep the food down long enough to make it through the second game. If you know anything about UWEC softball, I usually fail in that department :)

Anyway...back to the point: The Bubblegum Theory. This theory states that, "If anyone shall hit a ball over the fence, in fair territory, thus resulting in the number of runs as their are persons on base and up to bat, thou shalt receive a piece of Bubblegum." Ammendment #1 was made to this theory in game two. The ammendment stated "If thou are a slapper and keep said inning alive, in which there is a ball hitteth over the fence, thou shalt recieve a piece of bubble gum from Robin." In non philisophical terminolgy: you hit a home run, you get bubblegum. If you're a lefty slapper whose goal is to bunt the ball 4 feet...we'll give you one anyway for scoring on someone else's homerun. And we PROVED that theory.

After hitting 3 home runs in game one, we followed up that performance with 3 more in game 2! The only non slapper to not hit a home run yesterday: Emily Haluska. But she's a former slapper and hitting like .900 this season so we'll probably just give her bubblegum for being so good anyway :)

We scored a grand total 14 out of 17 runs off the home run ball...Boom, roasted. Also proving another Theory: Food is least to softball players who get to run as slowly as please if they hit the ball over the fence!

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