Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Blugolds have landed in Tuscon, AZ!!  We have already felt the high 70 degree temps, practiced on a real field, and had some great laughs.

Story of the day:

After checking into the hotel, we made a stop at Subway to grab a quick lunch before practice.  All 27 of us were in line to get our subs in the cramped yellow-brick sub shop, with one woman manning the sandwich prep station.  A few orders in, the ceiling started to shake.  Then all of the sudden, a ceiling tile fell from the floor and broke into a few pieces, leaving plaster and dirt all over the floor.  But that's not all, two gray wings fluttered and a huge pigeon FELL from the ceiling INTO Subway.  Then, the pigeon decided to perch on top of the soda fountain.  With all this, came at least half of the team screaming in fright from this intruding bird.  Many girls ran out screaming and laughing hysterically.  Then, who else but true-bread farm girl, assistant coach Amber Dohlman, came to the rescue.  She grabbed the pigeon...while all the girls hid in the corners fearing for it to attack...and brought it outside.

HILARIOUS. What a memorable start to the trip.

Now, we're having a great team meal, and cheering on the Wisconsin Badger men's basketball team as they play Kansas State here in Tuscon.  Unfortunately, we cannot be at the game, but plenty of us are cheering on Sconnie from the hotel!

Tomorrow, we open at the Tuscon Invitational Games at 10 am vs. St. Catherine and 12 pm vs. St. Olaf.  Hoping for more sunshine and a beautiful day for Blugold softball!

- Karen Hansen, Student Manager

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