Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it really game day? Or are you just teasing?

I sit here thinking we're really playing today - game on.......and today, I really mean it. It's going to be cold, but it's no longer snowing, the grass is pretty clear, and yesterday afternoon Gelein Field was in great shape. We're playing ball today!

It's our WIAC opener today vs. UW River Falls. They are fairly young, but you just can't take any team in the WIAC for granted. Our players are very excited to play, and especially to be opening up conference play. I don't think we'll have any trouble with energy today - plus, energy will keep them warmer!

Another schedule update - we'll be playing UW Platteville THIS FRIDAY, rather than Sunday. The forecast is MUCH better on Fri. than Sunday, so it made sense to reschedule. It does put just a little damper on our Leave a Legacy weekend plans, but Saturday is going to be so full of activities that I don't think anyone will mind. Another benefit to that is that we'll be able to relax and enjoy the alumnae reception and dinner on Saturday night without having to think about playing a DH the next always works itself out.

I'd like to give special props today to Dave Olson at Parkridge Distributing. Yesterday afternoon Coach Baker and I went out to the field just to check the conditions and much to our pleasant surprise, there were 3 banners being displayed. Two on the bleachers on each side of the field, and the other on the scoreboard just below the words "Gelein Field", that says "2008 National Champions". We were very surprised when we pulled up as they are very eye-catching signs - the players are going to flip when they see them this afternoon. Dave has done, and is continuing to do, an incredible job for Blugold Athletics. He has "over-delivered" and has gone above and beyond. What a great relationship! Thank you Ole'! Dave has a little softball player, Madison, too, so if he didn't take care of us, he'd probably get scolded at home! :)

Well, time to get moving and get ready for the day - thanks for reading, and see you at the ballpark!

Coach Huntington


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