Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally – an update!

Hello Blugold Fastpitch Fans!
I know it's been way too long since I last posted, but things have been crazy busy. I know it's no excuse, but I'm going to use it as one anyway! :)

We've played a LOT of games since I last posted, including a grueling week this past week, which was supposed to end with a doubleheader at Whitewater today. Well, that game got postponed to tomorrow (Monday, 4/20), but that's looking a little "iffy" as well, due to rain. It's a frustrating position to be in - the travel time, costs, and taking players out of class are all real issues......and the missed class time, especially as we draw near to finals week. But you can't do anything about the weather, and unfortunately we have to rely on forecasts that are far from you just do the best you can and hope you've made the right decision. We probably could have played today, but with 70-80% chance of rain in the forecast for today, it made sense to postpone.

I'm not going to breakdown the past 3 weeks of games at this point - it would take me all night to recall everything - but I will just mention that yesterday our team played with a refreshed passion and we saw a lot of good things - from our pitchers, to our defense, to our bats. We're hoping we can sustain the momentum at this point and make a real run in the WIAC Tournament in a couple weeks.

One final note tonight - we had our last home game last Wednesday vs. St. Norbert College. My parents were at the game and had a green Army-issued blanket with them. They brought it back with them from Germany when my Dad's enlistment time was's over 40 years old......well, it was sitting in a spot on the bleachers behind home plate, and when they went to grab it after the games were over, it was gone......someone had taken it. It's very unfortunate that it was taken, and my parents were obviously (and still are) upset that they no longer have it. My mom asked me to mention it in my blog, with hopes that whoever took the blanket might read this and have the decency to return it. If you have it and you are reading this, you can return the blanket to the UW Eau Claire Athletic Department - no questions asked.......we'd just like to have that blanket back - as insignificant as it might seem to anyone else.

Thanks for reading.

Coach H.


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