Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Softball season – week 2

After 7 days of practice I have to say that I'm pleased with our progress. We have gotten a little better each day, and I look forward to our continued improvement. We are looking forward to the challenge of our opening games in Tucson, AZ, in approximately 6 weeks. We received the #2 ranking in the NFCA preseason poll, but we're not concerned about where we start - we're more concerned about where we finish, and the journey along the way.

I'm proud of and impressed by the growth I've seen in our team already after just 7 days. We are getting good leadership all the way around, and each player seems to be understanding that every role is important and if they don't take care of their individual responsibilities, the entire team suffers. Our focus in practice has been very good; it's easy to see that each player is driven to improve.

We will travel to McFarland High School this weekend to do a clinic on Saturday and Sunday; our freshmen and sophomores typically go with the coaching staff to do this clinic. It's a good opportunity for them to teach and learn by teaching, as well as spend some time bonding with their teammates and coaches, and learn to live with each other in hotel rooms, as we'll be doing during the season. We always have a great turnout in McFarland, and we're hoping this year will be no different.

Think spring!

Coach Huntington

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