Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Belated Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe that the 2008-09 Holiday season has already come and gone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! It was a fun Christmas, as my nephews are now 7 (Cauy) and 5 (Tyler). The "big gift" this year was Nintendo Wii. I received the Rock Band World Tour for the Wii and it was played a lot right out of the box. My nephews became very skilled quickly as they played the Beginner level where all they had to do was either strum the guitar or bang on the drums - colors don't matter in Beginner mode - PERFECT for the young ones! My brother's family is very musically gifted, and it was HILARIOUS to watch Tyler on the drums, as he paid no attention to the bars on the TV but still managed to follow the beat. He's going to be a rock star, I'm sure of it! We enjoyed Christmas day at my parents' house here in Eau Claire and finished it off with the movie Wall-E, which I had never heard of before Christmas Day, but my nephews were experts on it already! It was an interesting, peculiar movie and although I liked it, I did manage to fall asleep with about 15 minutes left. :) It's tough keeping up with 2 nephews!

We are now working diligently on our annual planning for the season. We are in our Winterim right now at the University, so it's prime preparation time for spring. Needless to say, we are extremely excited about the season and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. AND we are looking forward to less back and leg pain due to our new wood floor in the McPhee Center!!! The old tartan stuff was a killer after a couple hours of practice.

We are making a lot of progress in our planning for our 25th Anniversary alumni event in April. We are looking forward to making this a great alumni event, and something for everyone to remember. The social/dinner is going to be held at the Quality Inn on Clairemont Ave. across from Sacred Heart Hospital, and they will have a block of rooms for alumni as well, at a great rate of $49.95 per night. We will be getting RSVP cards out by mid-February, so if you are an alum, look for it in the mail. We'll have something online as well, so in case we don't have your current address, you can still find the information.

Go Blugolds!

Coach Huntington

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