Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head……

Well, it wouldn't have been Blugold softball without rain and cold today. We actually DID go through with our annual intrasquad game, but it was in the rain and cold as our players' parents faithfully watched under umbrellas and dressed for December! I was proud of our players, as I pretty much left the decision to them whether or not they wanted to play today. They said, "We've played in worse, Coach," so we went ahead with a 5-inning game under occasional steady rain. The "worse" I think they were referring to was a doubleheader vs. UW Stevens Point last spring with a wind chill of below 30 degress, and snow that, at times, was coming down pretty heavily. I guess that's what you have to be prepared for when you play spring softball in's not all that much fun at times, but it is what it is. All day today everyone kept talking about how beautiful the day was YESTERDAY (it was the PERFECT fall day yesterday), and I wish I could have ordered up another day just like it today, but oh well.

After the intrasquad game was over, the players and coaches then got to enjoy all the great food that the parents brought for our annual potluck that we have each year on our intrasquad day. I thank the parents wholeheartedly for their efforts and all the great food! We had quite a spread today!

Congrats go out this weekend to all of the Blugold teams! Our fall sports are off to a great start and we're gaining a lot of momentum as we get closer to the start of winter sports. Our volleyball team defeated UW Oshkosh on Saturday 3-0 in their home opener. Coming into Saturday's game, Oshkosh was 19-1 overall. It was a great win with a great crowd! Our women's golf team was sitting in 1st place at the conference meet, as of this writing. Our football team also defeated UW Oshkosh 34-0 in their Homecoming game, and our women's soccer team also won their conference match-up vs. UW Whitewater on Saturday afternoon. On Friday, both our men's and women's cross country teams finished in 3rd place at the Blugold Open. It's a great time to be a Blugold!

We finish up fall practice this week, and then it's on to all the off-season preparation for the spring.

Our clinic information is all online now, including our brochure and online registration. We're looking forward to a series of great clinics during the winter this year! Hopefully some of you reading this will register to attend one or more of our clinics. We'd love to help you become a better softball player.

Until next time.......hit 'em hard!

Coach Huntington


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