Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick post tonight - see, I promised I'd try to do this more often......

The Blugold Fastpitch family is looking forward to a fun day on Sunday - lots of great homecooked food, which is what the players enjoy the most - but we'll have our intrasquad game at 12:00 noon at Carson Park, then our parents and players will partake in devouring the wonderful food that the parents always seem to conjour up out of their kitchens. I know the hard thing is for the parents to resist eating it all, as they wait for the game to be done so the team actually gets some of the food, but we never seem to run out.......isn't that just typical softball? We're always eating....... :)

Oh, and if you're keeping track of my postings that are NOT on the topic of softball, Bogey had a GREAT swim last night! I think he would have continued to jump in that pool until he was dead, but we have to work him back into exercise with moderation - he IS 8 - so it's not like he's a spring chicken!

Until next time.......

Coach Huntington

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